Psychic Mirrors

Psychic Mirrors is a band from Miami, FL, whose music is an amalgam of yacht rock/AOR, boogie-funk and wavy synth jazz (ewwww).

The group's membership consists of Mickey de Grand IV (Vocals, Synths, Piano), Myra Stone (Vocals, Synths), Al Batlle (Vocals, Conga), Antoine Rocky-Horror ( Electric Bass), Alex Nuñez (Electric Guitar) and Oscar Guardado (Drums). 

Mickey de Grand IV and Myra Stone started the group in 2010, ultimately gaining the attention of Peoples Potential Unlimited. Notable releases include I Come For Your Love (2011), Charlene (2013), and LP Nature of Evil (2016). Psychic Mirrors have toured the U.S, Canada and Europe, growing a loyal following with their modern Caribbean sound. 

In 2021, Psychic Mirrors released their second LP "Ophilia".

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Psychic Mirrors

Ophilia Double LP

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